Commercial Auto

Your business needs to be constantly on the go to make you a profit. We can help give you peace of mind knowing that your workers, vehicle, contents and liablity are taken care of with a commercial auto insurance policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance Matters!

Commercial Auto Insurance is one of those things that can save your business  and your behind!  Here are the coverages that you should evaluate for your commercial auto insurance:

-Commercial Auto Liability Limit

-Comprehensive/Collision Coverage for your vehicles/Fleet

-Un/Under insurance Motorist coverage

-Rental Reimbursement

-Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liablility


-Enhancement riders

-Inland Marine/Cargo coverage 

If you have any questions about these coverages a Champion Insurance Agent can help!  If you don’t know what coverage is right for you simply give us a call at 888-363-2653 or contact us with the button below!

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