Life Insurance

What are you leaving behind?  Hopefully not regrets!

The Truth About Life Insurance

Out of all the insurance that our team has sold in their careers, Life Insurance has generated the most discussion.  Resistance to purchasing any or enough life insurance has taken many forms and many attitudes.  Here are a few of them.

  • I would do better investing my money
  • It is a scam
  • It costs too much
  • I don’t understand how it works
  • When I die, I am leaving nothing behind
  • Why would I want my spouse have it better without me?

The last one is our favorite.  Our representative responded to that one by saying that,  “Sir, if you died you would want your wife to find someone else to take care of her since you didn’t?”  I guess if you ask a cheeky question you get a cheeky answer.

Here is our response:

  • Yes, Life Insurance costs money
  • Yes, you do not benefit yourself for having it (your family does)
  • No, our team has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims. It isn’t a scam
  • Yes, You could find better long term investments however, at worst life insurance covers you until you make your millions and at best creates legacy money so your family thrives.
  • Seriously, to the last objection, your spouse will never need to find someone else to take care of him/her, because you did.

If you inquire about Life Insurance, we will help you understand how it works, the right plan for you and make sure it fits what your family needs.


We have never paid a Life Insurance claim where the family didn’t need the money.


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